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  1. Let's talk about learning

    We are not going to talk about programming stuff like we used to do in this post. Instead let's talk about how we learn stuff. Here is some of my understanding of learning that I think share with most of the people around the world. The first one is Pattern…

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  2. Innes48 Startup Competition

    A few weeks ago, Me, Megan, Mitchell and Rey applied for Innes48 startup competitions - New Zealand’s largest 48hr business startup competition. And here I want to write down the thoughts regarding this competition. Before First heard about this competition from one of my friends who thought that I…

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  3. How to access your Startup ideas?

    People have ideas anywhere, anytime. Most of the time, most of them are good idea. But how can we have a throughout examination about the ideas that keep popping out of our heads? In this post we are going to use some principles to guild us to assess whether your…

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